MMX Custom Online Training

This Service Is Only Available To A Select Number of Applicants. An Application Is Required To Ensure The Highest Level Of Service & Dedication. If You're Interested, Simply E-mail & Tell Me About Yourself. Your Goals, Pain Areas/Issues, What You've Tried In The Past, What Happened? Why You Think You're a Great Fit For The MMX Online Training Process? 

   WHAT IS THE MMX Online Exercise Process (Brief) https://mmxeducation.uscreen.i... (Full)https://mmxeducation.uscreen.i...

It Is A Revolutionary And First Of Its Kind Approach To Online Training. The First Ever FULLY Customizable Platform For Online Training. We Take You Through A Progressive Process, Step By Step To Determine Where Your Muscular System Is Functioning In A Low Quality State. We Look At  Movement, Contraction, Discomfort, Etc. 

From There We Start Prescribing Very Specific Movements/IsoMetrics/Exercises To Bring Your System From Low Quality To High Quality. We Then Progress All Those Exercises Over A 16 Week Period Divided Into 4, 4 Week Training Stages. All That Combined Is Phase 1. You Only Move On To The Next Stage If You’re Feeling Great And Are Ready. Some People Need Longer Then Four Weeks In One Phase And That’s Completely Fine. Remember, This Is 100% Fully Customized To You.

After You Have Successfully Completed Phase 1 Then You Move Into Phase 2. Phase 2 Is 19 Weeks. It’s Broken Down Into 5 Stages. 1 Week, 5 Weeks, 5 Weeks, 5 Weeks, And 3 Weeks. The Last Three Weeks I Give To You For Free For Being So Committed To The Process. Upon Completion You Should Be Feeling The Best You’ve Felt In Your Life(Assuming You Followed The Steps And Put The Work In) Only You Know The Truth. While You Are Enrolled In The Process You Get Full Access To All The Content On The MMX Exercise Education Site(Which Is A lot) As Well As A Private FaceBook Group To Meet Other People In The Process And Ask Questions, Give Support, And FeedBack. 

You Also Have Access To Me Privately 1-3 Hours A Week Of 1 On 1 Support, Questions, Etc. I Only Enroll 2 People A Month to Ensure The Highest Quality To Everyone Involved. If After All That, You’re Not 100% Satisfied I Will Refund You 50% Of Your Investment. I Can Promise You, This Is A One Of A Kind Exercise Process Rarely Seen In Person And DEFINITELY NEVER Online.....Welcome to the MMX Education Evolution!!!